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    MACGRADE is an online grading system that delivers
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    teacher collaboration, as well as, built-in tasks creation.
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kenredzen's MACGRADE

MACGRADE is an online grading system that combines the elements of education into one single platform.

Class Gradebook

Flexible tools to fit your grading styles. View weighted activities of your students in one glance and be able to see how they perform overall in your class. Your newfound productivity means you can spend more time doing what you do best: teaching!

Attendance Monitoring

Tracking attendance is made easy. You can choose from the predefined codes and/or add a note for tardiness or absences. You can also to set it to auto populate for the rest of the class with a selected code to save time. Automatically send email notices to parents as well when students are marked Absent or Tardy.

Student Conduct

Track student behavior to encourage proper discipline at all times. Automatically send email notices to parents whose conduct is unsatisfactory.

Activity Management - Homeworks, Worksheets, or Quizzes

Simply upload your school's existing worksheets or test templates or create an online version of it through the portal. We support a variety of assessment options for every activity created to fit your style of teaching.