Travel Convenience

At Air Juan, we value your time and convenience. Take the exciting way to your next destination as our fleet of new seaplanes and land planes allow you to fly from our hangars and docks direct to various Philippine destinations - cutting travel time! Through these facility, you can spend more time and have more reasons to enjoy your holiday at your chosen destinations!

Air Juan Docks

Air Juan Manila Dock

Manila/CCP Harbor Dock and Terminal Facility

CCP (Cultural Center of the Phils.) Manila bay dock, Metro Manila

Air Juan Boracay Dock

Boracay Island Dock and Terminal Facility

Diniwid Walk Way, White Beach Station 1 area, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Air Juan Puerto Gallera Dock

Puerto Gallera Dock and Terminal Facility

Puerto Galera Dock and Terminal Facility Sandbar, Elizabeth's Hideaway, Boquete Island, Puerto Galera

Air Juan Hangars

Air Juan Palawan Hangar


Air Juan Cebu Hangar