Bell® 407GX

The Bell 407GX merges exceptional performance and technology with remarkable comfort and style. Class-leading speed and payload capability unite with an opulent interior and a smooth, quiet ride to transport you in a manner you deserve.

Reliability, speed and performance. Spacious cabin, large geadroom, leather seats, wide-open club-passenger seating for face-to-face conversations. Seats five (5) passengers.

Elevating to a New Level of Luxury

Air Juan Bell 407GX Exterior

The Bell 407GX was created for travelling in style. Bell 407GX features a highly innovative and adaptable design.

Air Juan Bell 407GX Interior

From well-appointed and plush seats to the easy access refreshment pedestal, the Bell 407GX ensures comfortable journey.

Air Juan Bell 407GX Avionics

The Garmin G1000HTM Flight Deck IAS improves situational awareness and reduce pilot workload.

Air Juan Bell 407GX Specifications

246 km/h max cruise speed, 4.0 hrs max endurance, 483.8 liters standard fuel, 2.4 m3 cabin volume.