Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian (Seaplane)

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Arrive and depart in style aboard Air Juan’s fleet of modern seaplanes straight to/from your resort. Comfortable leather seats and cabin interiors. State-of-the-art flight deck with modern navigational systems and controls. Indeed the new way to get to places beyond the conventional. A service crafted for the Philippine Islands.

Time, value, convinience and luxury!

Arrive in Style, Depart in Style

Air Juan SeaPlane Exterior

Dual-purpose floats make a landing area of any protected water.

Air Juan SeaPlane Interior

The luxurious cabin can comfortably accommodate as many as nine passengers depending on the destination.

Air Juan SeaPlane Avionics

State-of-the-art flight deck provides technology to minimize workload and intelligence to maximize safety.

Air Juan SeaPlane Specifications

38 ft 1 in length,17 ft 7 in height, 52 ft 1 in wingspan, 10 pax capacity, 294 km/h max. speed, 20,000 ft max. altitude.